Thursday, January 19, 2012

Great Squadron Goggle Five: Episode 1

And here we are, with episode 1. 
Lots of little mistakes here and there that need fixed, but hurr, first time jitters.
A lot of dialogue was either unsubbed (see: Shell-Mozoo's various utterances in fights) or subbed completely wrong (see: Just about any line in the goddamn show.) If I didn't find a Japanese script for Episode 1, I'd have had a much harder time piecing this into something readable.

 A NOTE:  Apparently, several links on Multiupload went dead, excluding the most obvious one.
So, Uploadking, Uploadhere, Depositfiles, and Wupload = no good, as far as this episode is concerned.
I'll try to figure out a solution for this.
Check after the jump for some notes and acknowledgement of errors. It's like QC, except more embarassing and after the fact! Brace for wall of text...
(goggle) GO!

oh god what am I doing I'm no good with computer boys and girls

Hey, everyone.

My girlfriend and I were watching Gokaiger one day, and we caught a glimpse of Goggle V. We realized a Sentai team focused around rhythmic gymnastics equipment was the greatest idea ever. So, we went off in search of subtitles.

We found 'em, but goddamn. God. Damn. They're English subs, alright... translated from Portugese, which was translated from Japanese. The show hardly makes any sense as it is, but these subs weren't helping. (An aside: Hyena semen, really?)

I appreciate the original effort, although it appears to be a machine translation, but I figured I could do better. Inspired by MegaAnon and ShinkenAnon, I figured I'd do my Very First Scrub, and possibly even involve the lady with it. So, keep an eye out here for updates as we journey together through the cracked-out world of Goggle V, being guided by a Japanese 202 student with no QC or subbing experience. This'll be easy, right?

Some notes: I am a college student, so free time is at a bit of a premium. I'll work on this when I can -- this is more like a fun exercise than a commitment to give all you guys the rhythmic gymnastics action you all crave so deeply.
My Japanese is far from fluent, but it's a hell of a lot better than whoever did these subs at first. This is my first go at fansubbing, though, so it might be a little rough -- that, and it's a one-man show, unless the aforementioned ladyfriend wants in on this atrocity. :p So, forgive me if I'm wrong. If any translations are fucked, be sure to notify me at GoggleGoAnon(at)gmail(dot)com. I appreciate all the advice I can get!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy the show -- this should be a wild ride.